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St Davnets

Case Study - MIFET Building, St. Davnets, Monaghan



Project Summary


Callaghan Electrical was selected as Electrical works contractor and main PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage) for a fire and safety upgrade works to the MIFET building at St Davnets Hospital Campus in Monaghan, part of the HSE. St. Davnet's Campus is a base for a number of critical health services including assisted living for adults with learning / intellectual disabilities.  The centre is an also a primary care centre, provides a variety of HSE administrative services and is also home to Enable Ireland’s Monaghan office. Finally, the campus also plays a significant role in the provision of mental health services for Cavan and Monaghan.



Nature and Complexity of Project


The project scope included the wire of the entire ground floor and the provision of the new emergency lighting system and as PSCS, the management and coordination of related building work to implement. The project was to be executed without any interruption to St. Davnets community group homes which provide the critical assisted living services.


The full scope included:


  • New fire detection and alarm system

  • Provision of free swing self-closing devices activated by the fire detection system

  • Fire-rated doorsets to replace existing doors

  • Upgrading of the existing ceiling to achieve one-hour fire resistance

  • General upgrade of existing fire-rated doorsets

  • General management and coordination of related building works included Fire doors, Fire Glass, Paintworks, Plastering, Fire alarm and Emergency Lighting


Callaghan Electrical Approach


Our MD, Kieran Callaghan, acted as project manager and liaised with the main contractor on the project.  Kieran was supported by our Project Manager, Joseph Young, and our senior Foreperson, David Joyce. This management team coordinated an additional team of 15 onsite electricians from the Callaghan Electrical team. 


As part of the project our management team liaised effectively with the main contractor, electrical design engineers, the architect, school technical staff and other specialist contractors with regard to all new systems installed. Our teams attended the pre-start meeting and weekly coordination meetings with Main Contractor / other specialists.  We provided all health and safety documentation including insurances, safety statement, method statement and risk assessments.


Over the course of the project we would consult with the main contractor with regard to specialist services, reporting lines and site management.  We also agreed a project schedule with them in addition to the coordination of other services with the mechanical contractor, liaising with the main contractor (builder) and design team to ensure the project was delivered on time and within budget while meeting end client needs.


As part of the project, Callaghan Electrical also had to manage and oversee the work of our own staff and contractors in the sense of commissioning certificates from specialist subcontractors on completion with regard to their work.  This included the implementation of safety and management system procedures, ensuring that all workmanship under our scope complied with building regulations including any materials used.


To ensure quality control and match specification, Callaghan Electrical utilised our own in-house "Works Manual". This manual was used in conjunction with the tender drawings to clarify queries and inconsistencies with all persons involved including all specialists prior to work commencing onsite.  This eliminated issues before they started on site and prevented delays to schedule. Our works manual includes a step by step, how to guide on all electrical systems Callaghan Electrical install and this is made available online on a 24/7 basis to all our electricians.  This process ensures all our installations are standardised within our company.


BCAR Implementation


In order for the Builder to be in compliance with BCAR, the Assigned Certifier and the Builder sign the Certificate of Compliance on completion supported by Ancillary Certificates from other members of the design team and by certificates from specialist sub-contractors.  As the Electrical Contractor on this project, Callaghan Electrical came under the remit of Specialist Sub Contractor. All our senior foremen are qualified certifiers under Safe Cert. Our team has completed Ancillary Certificates and in turn any Specialist Sub Contractor employed by our team on the project where required to complete Ancillary Certificates also.  We tested and commissioned all our electrical works and presented completion certificates on completion.


Our project team's roles and responsibilities were also aligned with the roles expected under BCAR and we selected team members who have experience in undertaking public works contracts to lead our team.


Callaghan Electrical used our four stage methodology to undertake the electrical works. The first three stages ('Pre-Commencement,' 'Commencement' and 'Completion') are aligned to BCAR and set out how we manage our role and the key tasks we undertook. These activities were supported by the tasks outlined in our fourth stage, 'Quality and Compliance'. In order to focus on site safety, construction procedures were managed through our Safety Management System (and quality policies) together with our Works Manual.  While our methodology provides us with a standardised approach to project management, our activities were tailored to the needs of this project.

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